Lupus Is A B#%)ch!!

After saying goodbye to Facebook, I was back in less than 24-hours.  Oh I hate when I do that.  It simply does not pay for me to loathe something so much.  Really, it doesn’t and it’s such a waste of time.

Be that as it may, I returned to Facebook after hearing Toni Braxton had been hospitalized due to complications from Lupus.  As one Lupie friend says, Lupus is a bitch.  It really is and there is neither rhyme nor reason to flares, why they happen or when they happen.

None of the reports I read stated what — of the many maladies we carry in our individual shopping carts — caused her flare.  Thankfully, she is out of the hospital and resting at home and I hear she plans to continue her tour.  I admire that about her.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

I have also read Selena Gomez has cancelled her tour due to panic attacks and depression.  Oh I know both well.  Lupus related depression, particularly after chemotherapy treatment(s), can put a damper on living.  Additionally, for such a young woman, hearing she had chemo treatments tells me she was in a very bad place.  Doctors don’t usually want young women on chemo because it may interfere with their ability to have children.

That bit of news was the first thing my doctor told me, along with stopping my menses and possibly throwing me into menopause.  Stop my menses?  Where do I sigh up?  I was giddy and certainly not interested in having children.  Actually, I think my ovaries had closed down the plant.  Yes, it was funny to me but, for young women, this is devastating news.

In all fairness, there are women who did beat those odds and had children after chemo, which is good news.  It is my hope and prayer she will too.

So, to both of these young women, my prayers are with you.  It’s good knowing they are taking time off for health, to recuperate, and once you’re full you’ll be able to go out again.  Be well!

Apparently, the web was set ablaze when people learned of Selena Gomez’ lupus diagnosis and many searched Google to find out if Lupus was a form of cancer.  The Daily Mail has an article on What Is Lupus?

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