Heels, Heels, I Want My Heels!!!

heelsonwheels02-no-logo-600x500I’ve been suffering with terrible hip pain for the last week.  It’s horrible and I know precisely what I did to bring this awful pain upon myself; I wore heels last week.

Sinful I know.  An absolute disgrace as well, particularly while knowing all along I have a degenerative hip.  Yes, thanks to prednisone my bones are weakening and the hip joint is slowly going north, or south, I really can’t tell.  I can only wear heel that are flat across the bottom of the shoe.  No tapering, no points, not even low, two inch, slightly tapered heels.  Clod hoppers is more like it and much more comfortable.

Last week I wore a 1.5 inch heel, slightly tapered at the tip.  Nothing serious.  By mid-evening, I could barely stand myself.  By morning, my hip screamed.  The bone would not adjust right in the socket, if I turned my foot slightly to the right, I needed both arms to settle and adjust the leg because lifting the leg, it on its own, would do nothing but cause more excruciating pain.  It sucks!

I’ve seen my recent x-rays and they’re not good.  On the one leg I have very little range of motion.  On the other, the fun is just beginning.  Having talked with a few people who have had hip replacement surgery, the prognosis for a new beginning with full range of motion is neither uplifting nor comforting.

It has come to this has it?  No more fun in heels?  Are the days of purchasing slacks with a 36″ inseam gone for good?  And what about those cute shoes I’ve already purchased?  I visit the closet often just to dream of the day I’d step out in those shoes.  It’s gone, over, kaput!  Only in my dreams it seems, only in my dreams.

Back to the drawing board and off I go to buy more Timberlands and Western boots.

The above photo comes from the BMWBlog’s Heels on Wheels post.  I thought it was a hoot, particularly in the way I love shoes and BMWs.

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