Lupus Is A B#%)ch!!


After saying goodbye to Facebook, I was back in less than 24-hours.  Oh I hate when I do that.  It simply does not pay for me to loathe something so much.  Really, it doesn’t and it’s such a waste of time. Be that as it may, I returned to Facebook …

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Anger, Rage and Fear, Oh My!


I’m sitting here having my coffee and reminiscing about old habits.  Old habits like making coffee and sitting down for an unhealthy dose of news served up by my favorite 24-hour news barista, CNN.  I have since entered into my own 12-step program and have said aloud, numerous times, I …

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I’ve Been Wandering

It’s been awhile hasn’t it?  A long while and so much has happened both on the web and in my life.  I …

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How To Become A Loner

A friend of mine sent me an article via email with a note “I read this and thought of you.  It’s so …

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Working My Garden

I had to take time this week to plan my garden for the year. I did well my first year and I’m …

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The End of the Lenten Season

Lent came up on me this year before I had time to plan what I wanted to do. Lent is that time …

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